Tottenham offer to more than double Christian Eriksen’s wages to tempt him to stay

Tottenham Hotspur has offered a huge new contract with Christian Eriksen to attempt to keep hold the midfielder who is thinking about a move away from north London.

The 27-years-old star has one year left on his current deal and has said that he is open to a new challenge, with Barcelona, Juventus, and Real Madrid all reportedly interested in his services. However, he added that it must be a step up and if the right offer doesn’t come in, he is happy to extend his stay at Tottenham Spurs. The Mail Online reports that the Champions League finalists are very keen on keeping hold of the influential Dane and have offered him a new deal worth £200,000 per week. This is a substantial increase from his current contract that sees him pocked £80,000 per week.

However, it has been made clear that Eriksen is making his decision based on whether an exciting opportunity arises, but not on wages. Eriksen told Danish publication Ekstra Bladet in June that ‘I feel that I am a place in my career where I might want to try something new.’ He also said that he has the deepest and wildest respect for everything that has happened in Tottenham; however, he would like to try something new and hoped that he can decide this summer.

He also confirmed that everything depends on Daniel Levy, the Chairman of Spurs, and there has to be another club, too. Or he will sit down at the table and negotiate a new contract. There aren’t many boxes that Tottenham don’t tick so if he has to move away it would have to be a step up.

If Eriksen doesn’t sign the huge new deal with Tottenham Spurs, Daniel Levy may look to move him on this summer rather than on a free next year.

AC Milan’s unfortunate draw with Fiorentina

Despite playing more than most people during the match, AC Milan still let Fiorentina hold 2-2, thereby losing the chance to overtake Napoli on the Serie A standings in the 31st round.

With home advantage, Fiorentina need a victory to increase the gap with Inter Milan and Lazio who are pursuing very close behind. AC Milan will do everything to get 3 points to win Napoli’s second place, the team will play later.

The pace of the game was pushed up right from the first minute with the continuous ball of the two strikers, especially home team Fiorentina.

However, AC Milan is the team that proves its ability to seize opportunities. At 14 minutes, Fiorentina Ricardo Montolivo’s “old man” unleashed a decisive shot into Viviano’s goal, opening the score 1-0 for AC Milan.

Having won the goal, AC Milan players played more effectively. Stefan El Shaarawy ‘s first – half passes in the 18th and 34th minute or Mario Balotelli’ s shot from outside the penalty area in the 25th minute brought pressure to home fans.

Unable to be overwhelmed at home, Fiorentina also answered “Rosonerri” with very dangerous opportunities of Pasqual and Jovetic. But when the goal equalized, Fiorentina received a shock on 40 minutes. After elbowing El Shaarawy in the face, defender Nenad Tomovic received a red card to leave the field.

Taking advantage of more people, AC Milan organized more attacks to create great pressure on the host.

As a matter of course, the second goal came to Milan in the 62nd minute. From the right-wing pass, the French midfielder Mathieu Flamini made a quick close-range shot to make goalkeeper Viviano fail to keep up.

Favorable lead 2-0 after two-thirds of the match, ​​AC Milan believe they easily get 3 points. However, the visitors’ nightmare just started.

66 minutes into the match, Adem Ljajic gave a penalty to Fiorentina after a nasty ball in the penalty area forced the AC Milan defender to make a mistake. He himself took advantage of the opportunity on the 11m to shorten the score 1-2 for the home team.

Only 7 minutes after the goal, AC Milan defense made a mistake against Fiorentina striker, making the referee once again point to the penalty spot. Facing Abiatti, David Pizarro calmly deceived the Italian goalkeeper, bringing a point for the club of Florence.

What helps a country become a football superpower

Why is Uruguay a country with a population of only 3.4 million people who can win 2 World Cups, while the US and China are richer and more populous?

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, not far from Uruguay’s national football stadium, 14 7-year-old players entered a rugged football field. Fans are parents and coaches who take care of both clothes and food. It is one of hundreds of games played every weekend by Baby Football – a national program for children aged 4 – 13 years old. Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani, two of the best strikers in the world, have been produced from this program.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho football

The duo Suárez and Cavani are the spearheads of Uruguay in the 2018 World Cup. The stakes of “La Celeste” ranked ninth in the list of teams that could win the cup. Before that, they won the championship twice in 1930 and 1950.

Only Brazil, Germany and Italy have won more World Cup titles than La Celeste, although Uruguay’s population is only 3.4 million, lower than Germany’s capital Berlin. Although it no longer maintains its leading position, Uruguay still performs better than this country’s resources. Suárez and Cavani reached the World Cup semi-finals in 2010 and won the 15th South American championship in 2011.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

The Economist team built a statistical model to determine what makes a country good at football. According to the team, the goal of this model is not to predict the winner in Russia. Instead, they want to identify basic sports and economic factors to determine a country’s football potential and find out why some countries outweigh expectations or improve quickly.

The Economist team took the results of all international matches since 1990 and considered which variables correlated with the difference in the number of goals scored by the teams.

Next, the team added home advantage, which is worth about 0.6 goals per game and the opponent’s strength. Finally, in order to reduce biases from football-uninteresting nations such as the Cayman Islands and Bhutan, the group cut the sample to 126 countries that have played at least 150 matches since 1990.

For attending Champions League, Atlanta expressed thanks to Milan

Two “giants” Milan have just made a decision to help Atalanta’s dream of attending UEFA Champions League into reality.

Atalanta played very well in the season 2018 – 2019. La Dea has surpassed a series of “big guys” like AC Milan, Inter Milan, AS Roma to finish at No. 3 on the Serie A rankings and win the right to attend the UEFA Champions League. However, their Atleti Azzurri d’Italia stadium is in the process of being repaired and ineligible for UEFA to agree to hold European Cup matches. So, they had to request Milan to borrow San Siro as their home ground.

AC Milan initially did not agree. The Rossoneri were not allowed to attend the UEFA Champions League and the loan of Atalanta to the San Siro was like a slap in the honor of the red and black team. However, after a period of deliberation, they accepted La Dea’s request. Meanwhile, Inter Milan and the Milan city government did not object.

Appreciated by the hearts of two Milan “big men”, President Antonio Percassi extend sincere thanks. He said:

“On behalf of Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio, I would like to thank FC Internazionale, AC Milan for their help. Being able to play at Giuseppe Meazza for the first time in the Champions League makes us feel very happy and proud. This is a historic event with Atalanta.

We will try to hold this great opportunity in the best possible way. Above all, with the respect and sincerity of both teams, we want to make history for Italian football.

We would also like to send our sincere thanks to the Milan city government and mayor Giuseppe Sala, who immediately accepted our request with great sporting spirit. Finally, special thanks to Sassuolo and Reggio Emilia. In the last 2 seasons, they supported Atalanta, helping us play in the Europa League at Mapei. That always makes us really feel at home. Thanks very much!”

Wimbledon story: Cori Gauff and the story of sports idols

It was not a polite statement. Cori had been waiting for the opportunity to compete with idols for a long time, and Venus was the one who helped her to cook the determination to follow her career.

After a historic victory against Venus Williams in the first round of Wimbledon, 15-year-old Cori Gauff said that the first person she wanted to thank was… Venus Williams, her childhood idol.

Venus is now of course on the other side of the slope, but what she and her sister Serena can do in her career is obviously significant in inspiring colored players who still have There was a thought that he was weak in this sport, until the Williams sisters appeared and dominated it.

In the Guardian article, Afua Hirsch, a female journalist, reminisced about the story more than two decades ago, when the Williams sisters rented a house near her family when she attended Wimbledon 2000. That year, Venus won this prestigious Grand Slam for the first time, and Afua Hirsch’s mother – a Ghanaian woman – baked a huge sweet cake to give to the Williams sisters, and insisted that, as a is the mother of two colored daughters, she understands how they feel.

Hirsch’s mother saw the Williams sisters as an icon for girls, and she was right. Venus and Serena have brought great impacts on consciousness with Hirsch and her sister. Their talents, and especially their will in an environment where people still view them with unfair eyes, have greatly motivated other black players. The way the Williams sisters kept their African identity, such as wearing white beaded braids, raised fists like Tommie Smith and John Carlos, when they received gold and bronze medals at the 1968 Olympics to protest the division. Race, really inspire many other colored people

Therefore, Hirsch is not surprised when Cori Gauff appreciates Venus. The 15-year-old was the youngest player to qualify, and each of the girls won the Roland Garros title at the age of 14. “I couldn’t be here, without her,” Gauff said. Everyone needs a model for themselves, like the Psycho-Cybernetics that once wrote, “You need to see something if you want to be it.” If you have a specific pattern at the critical stage of consciousness development, it will give you a positive image, helping you be more confident in following the path you have chosen.

The deal is complete, AC Milan will receive 21-year-old Algerian talent

Ismael Bennacer, the Empoli player is on the way to join the San Siro club.

According to Sky Sports, the AC Milan club may soon complete the signature with the player Ismael Bennacer, who played last season for Empoli, who has dropped Serie B.

Reporters have been rumored in recent weeks about whether the Rossoneri could take the best pair of Empoli players. Earlier, the Milan team almost reached an agreement on the deal of Rade Krunic.

Gianluca Di Marzio and Sky Sports all said that the negotiation between the two teams was going well. Representatives of Milan need to look for a midfielder under 26 and have an EU passport.

Ismael Bennacer is the person who meets the criteria that the Rossoneri need. He was Algerian but grew up in France. In the past, players born in 1997 even used to wear the two youth team levels of ‘Gaulois Rooster’ were U18 and U19. However, he finally decided to choose the color of Algeria national team shirt.

Ismael Bennacer is a young man born in 1997, still has the potential to grow in the future. He is on a great path of development, so it would be better to let him be able to play football peacefully. Empoli is a club with strong potential, they are not forced to sell their players. Several clubs is very interested in this player, including Inter Milan, AS Roma, and Napoli, but it is only from their side.

Di Marzio said it is likely that everything will be completed on July 4, with a double agreement with the previous case of Rade Krunic. Bennacer will leave with a transfer fee of 10 million euros, the price level of Empoli club will be accepted.

The former Arsenal player is currently playing for Algeria at the 1/8 round of the 2019 CAN Cup, where his hometown team has a Guinea clash.

Dortmund – German team changed English football

Dortmund will make a trip to Tottenham’s stadium in a round of 1/8 Champions League. But for many people this is like a home game of the German team.

In the UK, coaches who have worked in Dortmund are making a lot of buzz. Juergen Klopp is flying with Liverpool and competing fiercely with the City. Daniel Farke, former U23 coach Dortmund, is helping Norwich to be second in the Championship.

Jadon Sancho là biểu tượng cho thế hệ cầu thủ mới ở Anh khi quyết định sang Dortmund lập nghiệp

Quite a few English clubs want to copy Dortmund’s recruitment system. Arsenal even invited the head of the Ruhr team, Sven Mislintat, to talk about the short time between the parties.

British fans always wanted to be the center of the club like in Germany. And Dortmund, with 80,000 fans filling their home matches with low ticket prices and the level of participation in high club management, is the target they aim for.

In addition, there is a British star shining brightly in Dortmund. It’s Jadon Sancho. He is a pioneer for a new generation of British talents who are willing to go abroad for a young age.

Sự cuồng nhiệt nơi các SVĐ ơ Đức là niềm ao ước của các CĐV Anh

In the summer of 2017, Dortmund’s spending of £ 8m to bring Sancho back from City was considered a farce. Now his value has increased to £ 105 million according to CIES football research agency.

Man City under Pep Guardiola is currently the second ranked team from the bottom up for players from the academy to play in the Premier League this season. The most competitive teams for players from the academy are Man United, Tottenham and Arsenal. In total, Foden only had 427 minutes to play in the Premier League and Champions League in his entire career compared to Sancho’s 2.212 minutes in Dortmund.

“The biggest benefit is that they have the opportunity to play,” said Dortmund sporting director Michael Zorc. Because of budget differences, perhaps the German teams are forced to give some young players a chance to play.

Amazing stories from Copa America (part 2)

3. Violent match between Argentina and Brazil in 1991

With five goals and five red cards, the match between Argentina and Brazil at the Copa America 1991 is a symbol of the confrontation between the top two South American football teams.

Dario Franco scored in the very first minute of the game for Argentina, but only four minutes later, Branco’s free-kick equalized 1-1 for Brazil. In the 31st minute of the match, Claudio Caniggia of Argentina) and Mazinho of Brazil were sent off after they rushed into each other like enemies.

Argentina remained the better team in the second half with two goals from Franco and Batistuta while Brazil only scored one more goal thanks to Joao Paulo. In the 61st minutes, Carlos Enrique (Argentina) and Marcio Roberto (Brazil) received two red cards for hardly arguing with each other. Before that, each team had a player who had to leave the pitch on the stretcher because of the phase-down of the ball.

Finally, Argentina won 3-2 on the score, while Brazil won 3-2 in the red cards. After the “bloody” victory, Argentina headed straight for the championship.

4. Argentina withdrew from Copa America 2001

The Copa America 2001 is the most complicated tournament in the history of this sports event. Initially, the tournament was expected to be attended by 10 South American teams and 2 Mexican and Canadian guests.

But right before the start, terrorist threats in the host country Colombia made CONMEBOL decide to cancel the tournament. Venezuela offered to host the tournament instead of Colombia, but in the last minute Colombia were given the green light to host the event. Venezuela asked to host instead, but in the end, Colombia was allowed by CONMEBOL to host the tournament.

The Argentine Football Federation did not accept Colombia as host because of security concerns. They confirmed that the Argentine players had received terrorist threats if they attended Copa. Eventually, Argentina withdrew despite Colombia’s pledge to strengthen special security for Marcelo Bielsa’s team.

After Argentina, Canada in turn dropped the tournament. Without the two teams, in urgent cases, CONMEBOL had to invite Honduras and Costa Rica to replace Argentina and Canada.

Due to the rush of time, Colombia sent an air force plane to transport Honduras team to the tournament. And finally, the Hunduras team landed in Colombia just a few hours before their match against Costa Rica started.

AC Milan is deprived of attending the European Cup next season

The San Siro team officially received a Europa League ban on penalties for violating fair and financial laws for a long time.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has just issued a decision to remove AC Milan from the Europa League in the 2019/20 season because of a violation of financial justice laws.

The San Siro owners will be absent from the second continental prestigious tournament next season, despite finishing the 2018/19 Serie A in fifth place.

“AC Milan cannot participate in club championships organized by UEFA in the 2019/20 season due to violations of FFP rules from 2015 to 2018”, the official announcement issued by CAS.

AC Milan finished fifth in Serie A last season and were allowed to attend the Europa League next season. However, they were deprived of their right to attend the European Cup for violating the Financial Fair Play.

The ruling was made by the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS) yesterday. CAS announcement contains: “AC Milan cannot attend any tournament organized by the UEFA in the 2019/20 season due to a violation of the Financial Fair Play from 2015 to 2018″.

AC Milan was disqualified, meaning that the Serie A Europa League qualification will be transferred to Torino, the seventh-ranked team last season. The Turin club will start from the second qualifying round, while Roma and Lazio will gain the right to go straight to the Europa League group stage.

This is definitely not good news for Marco Giampaolo. He recently agreed to replace Gattuso to lead Milan not long ago. The departure of Milan from the European Cup will seriously affect the Rossoneri transfer plan this summer.

Milan has been warned before the 2018/19 season but is still entitled to the Europa League. However, the 7-time European Cup / Champions League winners have been disappointed when eliminated from the group stage before under-rated rivals Real Betis and Olympiacos.

Brazil captain announced his leaving Paris Saint-Germain

Dani Alves will officially leave the Capital City after two years of glorious competition at the Parc des Princes. The defender striker Dani Alves has officially announced his departure from the rich French team after two seasons here.

Speaking through the personal Instagram page, the 36-year-old said: “Today, I finish another successful chapter in my career. I am very proud to have contributed to a glorious stage in the club’s history. Thank you all, from all The staff to each teammate has made me special things for PSG in the past two years. “

However, PSG continues to dominate France. Alves will leave Paris with 8 goals after 73 matches, contributing to two Ligue 1 championships, a League Cup, a National Cup and a French Super Cup. There, he became a defender to win several second titles in European football history, behind only AC Milan’s former captain Paolo Maldini.

With teammates at both clubs and national teams, Neymar could not attend the tournament because of injury, Dani Alves is currently captain of Brazil in the 2019 Copa America campaign at home. He scored in the 5-star “Samba dancers” victory against Peru on June 23, thereby bringing the home team to the quarterfinals.

The captain of the Brazil team and his teammates are facing the opportunity to win the first Copa America since 2007 on their home turf.

Marca revealed, Alves wanted to return to Barcelona, ​​where he won 6 La Liga championships with 3 European C1 trophies. However, the Nou Camp team showed no interest in acquiring their former gods.

Paris Saint-Germain (also known as PSG) is a professional football club in Paris, the capital of France. Formerly known as the Stade Saint-Germain multi-sport club, Paris Saint-Germain was officially founded in 1970 and almost constantly competed in the French National Football Championship.