MU finds an alternative after Sancho

After being unable to recruit Jadon Sancho because of price issues, MU turned to cheaper deals. But they are no less than Dortmund stars in terms of talent. According to Football Italy, after Dortmund slammed the door to Sancho, MU will switch to recruiting Fiorentina Federico Chiesa. The Italian player was born in 1997, 3 […]

Lewandowski flew high with arrogance

When football returned, the Polish striker burst into action to continue to become the notorious Bundesliga goalscorer. Football of these days is very different. The lively sound of the stands filled with spectators in Germany disappeared. Only then was the performance of 22 players on the pitch trying to hear it clearly. Welcome to football […]

The best football TV shows you should watch during coronavirus lockdown (part 1)

Since the novel coronavirus forces people to stay inside, televisions are getting more and more attention than usual everywhere. ¬†With football suspended almost everywhere around the world, fans of the King sport can still get their fix thanks to a number of football TV shows. From Amazon to Netflix, football is an ideal ingredient for […]

Ronaldinho and halo in prison

For many people, sitting behind bars can be a nightmare. With Ronaldinho, he seems to continue to find happy days in prison, where people honor and treat him as an idol. On March 14, Ronaldinho scored 5 goals and had 6 assists in an 11-2 victory in the final. He helped his team win the […]