Five Highest-Paid Football Players In The World (part 2)

3. Neymar

Neymar, whose full name is Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, is the third-highest-paid football player. He earns a total $90 million, including $73 million that he makes through salary and winnings along with $17 million that he makes from endorsements. The Brazilian forward signed a contract that has a five-year duration with Paris Saint-Germain in August 2017.

He also works with global sponsors such as Nike, Red Bull, and McDonald’s. Neymar was also the world’s first football player to have his own custom Air Jordan sneakers that were made by the Swoosh.

4. Gareth Bale

The Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale clocks in this list as the fourth-highest-paid football player, making $34.6 million, including $28.6 million that he makes through salary and winnings along with $6 million that he makes from endorsements. His transfer from Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid in 2013 was one of the ten most expensive transfers in the history of the football club.

Gareth Bale is originally from Wales. In May 2018, he scored 2 goals, consisting of an iconic bicycle kick which led his team to a third consecutive Champions League title. In 2016, Gareth Bale signed a contract extension with the club Real Madrid through June 2022. Gareth Bale also has a deal with Adidas through 2020.

5. Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba is the fifth-highest-paid football player in this list. He makes $29.5 million in total, consisting of the $25 million that he makes through salary and winnings along with the $4.5 million that he earns from endorsements.

Paul Pogba is originally from France. He plays midfield for the famous football club Manchester United. His five-year contract with the club pays an annual salary of at least $20 million. Paul Pogba has a deal with Adidas for ten years.

The peak of wisdom of football players

In stories about the journey to the top of football legends, most are based on a basic outline: being born in a poor family, going to school is mischievous, or the family has no conditions . That means, the time for a professional football player to go to school is very little.

Even the most prestigious European newspaper AS of Spain, five years ago, it was reported that, for every 120 professional players at the Spanish national campaign, only one took get a university degree. Soon after, a controversy took place, it was said, the fact that the professional players in Spain did not have much scientific knowledge, at least incomparably to the students who went through four year in university .

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Ken Bray

Not only the work of Ken Bray or Carlisle’s statement, the AS also has independent and affirmative research, professional football players, at the age of 20, have flashy thinking faster than 2.5 times. Excellent students do not play football. They also concluded after a lot of algorithms detailing that, in a dispute on the pitch, a professional player will think of adjusting a total of 15 body movements within 0.5 seconds.

In it, there is the action of handling the ball, handling situations, self-defense and even tricks in it. A more specific, more detailed study was conducted in 2014 with 100 reputable players, with the same cost up to millions of dollars.

From the past to the present, the world has acknowledged that the superlative brain belongs to the great scientist Albert Einstein, with IQ 160. But that can become a thing of the past, when world football reaches professional … super-tall.

The same AS, after studying, surveying and evaluating IQ, came to the conclusion that everyone was surprised, to the point that many people still doubt. That is the high IQ of the players Einstein, even higher. That’s the case of midfielder Gerard Pique with IQ up to 170. That means, Pique can think of Einstein’s relativity theory within … a note.

Five Highest-Paid Football Players In The World (part 1)

Football is considered as the most popular sport over the globe. These are the top five highest-paid football players in the present.

1. Lionel Messi

Lionel Andres Messi is the forward of FC Barcelona. He is the highest-paid football player and also the second-highest-paid athlete in the world, earning $111 million and taking home $84 million in salary and winnings as well as another $27 million in endorsements.

At the age of 13, Messi moved to Spain as FC Barcelona agreed to pay for his medical treatments. Eventually, the Argentinian football superstar led the club to championships. He set a world record for the footballer scoring most goals in a calendar year in 2012.

In November 2017, he signed a contract extension with Barcelona to stay with the club through the 2020–21 season with the promise of an at least $80 million annual salary and bonus.

The Barcelona forward also has a lifetime deal with Adidas. His other deals include Pepsi, Gatorade, and Huawei. A Messi theme park, named Messi Experience Park, is planned to open in 2020 in Nanjing, China.

Messi calls Castelldefels, Spain, home and is married with three kids.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is ranked as the second-highest-paid football player and the third-highest-paid athlete by Forbes. He took home a whopping total of $108 million, including $61 million in salary and winnings from Real Madrid club and $47 million in endorsements. He has been a forward on the Portugal national teams and Real Madrid.

Although he exited the 2018 World Cup early, Ronaldo remained in the public eyes as news broke that he transferred to Juventus on a four-year deal with the transfer fee totaled up to $140 million. His net annual salary will reportedly be $35 million.

In 2017, Ronaldo was honored with a fifth Ballon d’Or and also won his fifth Champions League title.

Additional, he has a lifetime contract with Nike and other deals such as Herbalife, EA Sports, and American Tourister.

Paolo Maldini’s son show his potential as a Milan player

17-year-old midfielder Daniel Maldini was born in 2001 as the second son of the legendary AC Milan Paolo Maldini. He kicked in the 0-1 defeat to Bayern Munich in the ICC 2019.

Daniel was placed as an attacking midfielder by coach Marco Giampaolo, behind two strikers Samuel Castillejo and Krzysztof Piatek. He played 58 minutes and left the field, giving room to Patrick Cutrone.

Daniel’s brother – Christian Maldini – is also a player and is a defender of Fano, playing in Serie C. Growing up from the Milan academy, Christian has never played for the club’s first team.

In 22 caps for Milan Primavera, Daniel scored 9 goals. He is judged to have a brighter future than Christian. However, Daniel will have to overcome great pressure if he wants to become a legend like his father and grandfather.

Cesare Maldini – Daniel ‘s grandfather – also an Italian football legend. However, unlike his grandfather, his father and his brother, Daniel did not play as a defender but in the position of the midfielder or fled. The 17-year-old is an outstanding young talent, who was called up to the Italian U18 team earlier this year.

Cesare, Milan’s captain, had 412 caps for the club, won four Serie A titles and won the European Cup in 1962. He also twice coached Milan, leading the team. The ball won the Italian National Cup and the European Cup Winners’ Cup between 1972 and 1974.

Paolo was even more successful, with 901 matches for Milan. He won the Serie A seven times, won the National Cup and Italian Super Cup five times. This legendary defender five times won the Champions League with Milan.

If Daniel continues to confirm his capacity and plays more often for the San Siro football team in the near future, he will be the 3rd successor of the Maldini family at the AC Milan football club, continuing the heroic tradition of Grandpa Cesare Maldini and his father Paolo Maldini, whose names and careers are associated with the long history of the famous black-and-red striped shirt of Milan.

The deal is complete, AC Milan will receive 21-year-old Algerian talent

Ismael Bennacer, the Empoli player is on the way to join the San Siro club.

According to Sky Sports, the AC Milan club may soon complete the signature with the player Ismael Bennacer, who played last season for Empoli, who has dropped Serie B.

Reporters have been rumored in recent weeks about whether the Rossoneri could take the best pair of Empoli players. Earlier, the Milan team almost reached an agreement on the deal of Rade Krunic.

Gianluca Di Marzio and Sky Sports all said that the negotiation between the two teams was going well. Representatives of Milan need to look for a midfielder under 26 and have an EU passport.

Ismael Bennacer is the person who meets the criteria that the Rossoneri need. He was Algerian but grew up in France. In the past, players born in 1997 even used to wear the two youth team levels of ‘Gaulois Rooster’ were U18 and U19. However, he finally decided to choose the color of Algeria national team shirt.

Ismael Bennacer is a young man born in 1997, still has the potential to grow in the future. He is on a great path of development, so it would be better to let him be able to play football peacefully. Empoli is a club with strong potential, they are not forced to sell their players. Several clubs is very interested in this player, including Inter Milan, AS Roma, and Napoli, but it is only from their side.

Di Marzio said it is likely that everything will be completed on July 4, with a double agreement with the previous case of Rade Krunic. Bennacer will leave with a transfer fee of 10 million euros, the price level of Empoli club will be accepted.

The former Arsenal player is currently playing for Algeria at the 1/8 round of the 2019 CAN Cup, where his hometown team has a Guinea clash.

Brazil captain announced his leaving Paris Saint-Germain

Dani Alves will officially leave the Capital City after two years of glorious competition at the Parc des Princes. The defender striker Dani Alves has officially announced his departure from the rich French team after two seasons here.

Speaking through the personal Instagram page, the 36-year-old said: “Today, I finish another successful chapter in my career. I am very proud to have contributed to a glorious stage in the club’s history. Thank you all, from all The staff to each teammate has made me special things for PSG in the past two years. “

However, PSG continues to dominate France. Alves will leave Paris with 8 goals after 73 matches, contributing to two Ligue 1 championships, a League Cup, a National Cup and a French Super Cup. There, he became a defender to win several second titles in European football history, behind only AC Milan’s former captain Paolo Maldini.

With teammates at both clubs and national teams, Neymar could not attend the tournament because of injury, Dani Alves is currently captain of Brazil in the 2019 Copa America campaign at home. He scored in the 5-star “Samba dancers” victory against Peru on June 23, thereby bringing the home team to the quarterfinals.

The captain of the Brazil team and his teammates are facing the opportunity to win the first Copa America since 2007 on their home turf.

Marca revealed, Alves wanted to return to Barcelona, ​​where he won 6 La Liga championships with 3 European C1 trophies. However, the Nou Camp team showed no interest in acquiring their former gods.

Paris Saint-Germain (also known as PSG) is a professional football club in Paris, the capital of France. Formerly known as the Stade Saint-Germain multi-sport club, Paris Saint-Germain was officially founded in 1970 and almost constantly competed in the French National Football Championship.

Maldini and Boban return to AC Milan

After parting with Leonardo and coach Gennaro Gattuso, Ivan Gazidis began to rebuild AC Milan’s leadership and the two most famous names were invited: Paolo Maldini as Technical Director, and Zvonimir Boban as the club’s football commission head.

The icon of AC Milan, Paolo Maldini replaced Leonardo’s role, when the Brazilian legend will return to former club Paris Saint-Germain.

Zvonimir Boban, who played for AC Milan from 1991 to 2001, left FIFA when he gave up his position as Deputy Secretary General to return to AC Milan.

Maldini used to be Milan’s development manager and sports strategy but CEO Ivan Gazidis felt Maldini was the right man to replace Leonardo. “Paolo is the embodiment of quality and value to build a foundation for Milan club. I am very happy to have him lead the club’s sports field,” he said on the club’s website.

“For him, we will be able to build a modern club, founded by the highest quality professionals. It will be a journey we will pursue together to achieve a full project which is challenging and engaging, a project that requires great energy and dedication ”.

“I believe Paolo will show his experience, vision and leadership. Paolo is an integral part of AC Milan and knows how to succeed. He will be a reference point who is important for everyone “.

Boban and Maldini will work closely together, with former teammates reuniting as the Rossoneri coach.

Boban expressed: “I am very happy to be able to return to my beloved Milan and I will contribute to bringing it back to the right place. Milan must be a top club and a winning team, because this is unique in the history of the club and that is the nature of the fans and their passion, I will devote myself to this reason and the color of the Rossoneri.

Abandoning the position of FIFA Deputy Secretary-General to become the club’s “manager of football” is a step back and unacceptable, but Boban said: “When Paolo called me to ask if I could play the role or not, I jumped into the car and rushed to his house in Milan in the middle of the night. ”

“After talking to Ivan and the club, everything is clear. And I am here, in my city, in my club, I love and in a land that has given me a lot. I hope I can repay the place where I trust “.

Milan are still looking for Gennaro Gattuso‘s successor as coach, but they are expected to appoint coach Marco Giampaolo from Sampdoria.

Lionel Messi’s middle son cheers for Real Madrid to annoy his brother

Lionel Messi has confessed that his three-year-old son Mateo cheers for Real Madrid to annoy his brother Tiago. When it comes to his football allegiance, he chooses to take a contrarian position.

Messi said that sometimes the television was on and his son Mateo cheered Madrid’s goals to make his brother Tiago get annoyed.

Maeo enjoys winding up several of his family members, not only his brother Tiago. Messi’s middle son has even made fun of him over recent collapse of Barcelona against Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League. He also said with a laugh that when he was playing at home and was going for a kick-about with Mateo, his son said to him that “You’re Barca and I’m Liverpool, because I’ll beat you’. He’s got a lot to learn,” .

Messi has played down his country’s chances of winning the tournament and is getting ready to represent Argentina at the Copa America in Brazil.

The 31-year-old football star has twice reached the final of the competition, in 2015 and in 2016, however, they were beaten by Chile on penalties on both occasions.

 Having contested four of the past five finals, however, Argentina have lost all of them and their last continental triumph came back in 1993 in Ecuador. And Messi is not convinced that they will be challenging in 2019 because  he believes that the squad is undergoing a transition. He said that Argentina was going through a process of change, but they went with the same excitement as always.

Messi admits he is still feeling the frustration with Barcelona’s treble dreams having dashed in the closing weeks of the campaign.

Despite their victory at La Liga, a shock 4-0 defeat to Liverpool in the UEFa Champions League semi-final’s second leg saw them crash out of Europe, while they were beaten by Valencia in the Copa del Rey final.

In spite of those disappointments, Messi has felt good in the Argentina camp with Nicaragua on Saturday.