Top 5 highest paid footballer on the planet

Football is a king sport and football players are also among the topmost expensive athletes in the world in 2018, according to the publication of the famous magazine Forbes.

1. Lionel Messi

Messi is an Argentinian footballer and also the forward of FC Barcelona. Messi is paid the highest salary at this club with $ 111 million, including $ 84 million in salary and an additional $ 27 million in transfer fees.

At the age of 13, Messi moved to Spain after FC Barcelona agreed to pay for medical treatment. And then this player led the club to the championship.

In 2012, Messi set many records. In November 2017, he agreed to extend his contract with Barcelona to stay for the 2020-21 season. The contract promises an annual salary and a bonus of at least $ 80 million.

Messi also has a lifetime deal with Adidas. Other agreements are Gatorade, Pepsi, and Huawei. There is even a park called Messi Experience Park scheduled to open in 2020 in Nanjing, China.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Forbes ranked Cristiano Ronaldo as the 2nd highest paid footballer and the 3rd highest paid athlete in 2018. Ronaldo earned $ 61 million in wages and bonuses from Real Madrid, $ 47 million in transfers and a total of $ 108 million. Ronaldo moved to Juventus in a 4-year deal. The total cost of the transfer is $ 140 million. The annual salary will be $ 35 million.

In 2017, Ronaldo scored 44 goals in 43 games and was honored with the 5th Golden Ball. He also won his 5th Champions League title. Ronaldo has a lifetime contract with Nike for 1 billion dollars. Other deals include Herbalife, EA Sports and American Tourister.

3. Neymar

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, who almost only called the first word. He is the 3rd highest paid footballer, with 90 million dollars. In particular, Neymar earned $ 73 million in wages, $ 17 million in transfers. In August 2017, Neymar signed a five-year contract with Paris Saint Germain. The Brazilian striker has partnered with global sponsors, including Nike, Red Bull and McDonald. He is also the first footballer to have his own custom Air Jordan sneakers manufactured by Swoosh.

4. Gareth Bale

Earning $ 34.6 million, Gareth Bale became the fourth highest paid player. He earned $ 28.6 million in salary along with $ 6 million in transfers. The Real Madrid striker is originally from Wales. In May 2018, Bale scored 2 goals, leading his team to the 3rd consecutive Champions League title. In October 2016, he signed an extension contract with the club until June 2022. Bale has a contract with Adidas until 2020.

5. Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba is the fifth most expensive player, earning $ 29.5 million, including 25 million salary and $ 4.5 million transfer. Originally from France, Pogba plays as a midfielder for Manchester United. The 5-year contract has a salary of at least $ 20 million. Pogba also has a 10-year contract with Adidas.

Lukaku scored, Inter won over AC Milan

The first Milan derby in the new season at 1:45 pm on 22/9 ended with a convincing 2-0 victory for Inter.

The disappointing draw against Slavia Prague in the Champions League in the middle of the week caused Inter to enter the derby with Milan with the desire to assert strength.

The team of black and blue striped shirt showed that they were better prepared in terms of both force and tactics when they soon overwhelmed their rivals from the same city of Milan. Fighting against the 3-5-2 map of coach Antonio Conte seemed to be too overwhelming for Milan of Marco Giampaolo.

Inter completely outperformed the game and created a series of delicious opportunities. In the first half, rookie Romelu Lukaku had a situation facing goalkeeper goal Gianluigi Donnarumma but could not win. Danilo D’Ambrosio also finished the goal with a red and black striker.

VAR also rejected an Inter goal when determining Lautaro Martinez was in offside. The Milan side only responded weakly due to the single efforts of Suso and Rafael Leao.

Entering the second half, Inter concretized the overwhelming match with a goal by Marcelo Brozovic right after 49 minutes. The Milan defense was completely passive in this simple free kick. Goalkeeper Donnarumma was also powerless when the ball hit the foot of a home team player into the net.

Accepting the goal, Milan put up but Inter still played extremely alert when not retreating but still creating pressure. It all ended with Milan in the 78th minute when Nicolo Barella crossed the ball correctly for Romelu Lukaku to head high and hit the net against Milan. This is the third goal of the Belgian striker after 4 matches in Serie A this season.

In the few remaining minutes, Inter still put the ball on the Milan wooden frame 2 more times after the finishes of Matteo Politano and Antonio Candreva. Having won 2-0, Inter overcame Juve to return to the top of the table with a record of 4 wins after 4 rounds.

Aguero broke Rooney’s record

Striker Sergio Aguero was the first to score in all six rounds of the Premier League.

Sergio Aguero’s goal against Watford was scored in the 7th minute, from the penalty spot. His strike was the second goal in City’s 8-0 victory over Watford.

Aguero’s eight goals from the start of the season have spanned six matches against West Ham, Tottenham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Norwich and Watford. In particular, the Argentine striker scored twice in matches against Bournemouth and Brighton. Aguero was the first to score in all six rounds of the Premier League.

The old record was shared by Wayne Rooney and the late Jose Antonio Reyes. Reyes, when he was at Arsenal, scored in the first five matches of the 2004-2005 season. Seven years later, Rooney did the same for Man Utd before he got injured in a round 6 match against Stoke City.

The record of Reyes and Rooney is accompanied by the victory of the home team, which Aguero does not have. In the scoring game of the best striker in Man City history, the Manchester team won four, drew one and lost one.

In the 8-0 victory over Watford, Man City also created at least two other records. The Etihad team only took 18 minutes to score five goals against the opponent, the fastest in the Premier League history. The opening goal in the 52nd second of David Silva is also the fastest table from the beginning of the 2019-2020 season.

Aguero: ‘The turning point is a direct win against Liverpool’

The Man City striker shared about the match that helped him and his teammates change the course of the race to the 2018 Premier League championship.

Liverpool have more points than the first 25 champions in the Premier League set a record number of goals in a season

“The turning point was the direct victory over Liverpool in January 2019. After that game, we shortened the gap with them to a few points. Later, we went ahead when they went through some draws,” Sergio Aguero commented.

MU was happy about pushing Alexis Sanchez to Inter Milan

MU players were delighted when Alexis Sanchez was pushed to Inter Milan on loan during the summer transfer window this year.

Alexis Sanchez has made the MU dressing room divided when he only scored 5 goals in 45 appearances for MU, but enjoyed a towering salary of £ 500,000 / week. According to British media, many MU players are happy to see Sanchez being pushed to Inter Milan on loan during the transfer window this summer.

A source close to MU shared in The Sun newspaper: “He is not Messi, so why does the team pay him such a high salary”.

However, MU is still paying a large sum for Sanchez to persuade Inter Milan to share the burden. According to the British and Italian press, MU still pay 3/4 of Sanchez’s salary while the player plays in Italy, about 365,000 pounds/ week.

Thus, Inter Milan only cost a small fee to borrow Chilean players and paid Sanchez a salary of more than £ 100,000 / week this season.

Sanchez personally has declared he failed at MU because he does not play regularly. However, the Chilean player has never regretted his decision to join Man Utd.

“If they let me play for 90 minutes each game, I will not fail like that. But the fact is that I usually only have 60 minutes to play and not being let to play in the next match. I do not know why…

I am very happy to play for the national team. I am also very happy to play for Man Utd, but I always tell my friends I want to play. If they let me play regularly, I will show my best performance …

I have no regrets about my decision. I was happy to join MU, I always said that. It was the most successful club in England, although my time at Arsenal was also great. I am happy to play football at Arsenal.

But at that time, MU was thriving. They buy many players to look for titles and I want to join this team to win. “

Pogba will continue to play for Man Utd

Man Utd coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer insists midfielder Paul Pogba still stay at Old Trafford despite rumors that he will move to Real Madrid.

Paul Pogba will continue to play for us,” coach Solskjaer said after a 1-1 draw with Southampton on August 31. “He has problems with his ankle, but the injury is not so bad. I hope he recovers to play for France next week, because I know he loves the team.”

Paul Pogba has long had a reputation to go to Real Madrid. The Spanish team also openly expressed their desire to have Man Utd midfielder, but the obstacle of this deal lies in the transfer value. Real have two days left to attempt, before the transfer market in La Liga closes on September 2.

Pogba is the focus of criticism, as Man Utd won only five points through the first four Premier League rounds. In the middle of the week, the fans sprayed paint on a sign at Carrington training ground, with the implication of wanting to get rid of Pogba from Old Trafford.

Against Southampton yesterday, the French midfielder continued to play badly. He lost the ball 20 times, 13 of which came in the first half. Pogba’s lackluster performance contributed to Man Utd’s ability to leave St Mary’s with three points, though more than the player in the last 20 minutes.

“We played well in the first 30 minutes, then a few players started to lose the ball sloppily and Pogba was one of them,” Solskjaer said of the match yesterday 31/8. “Everyone expected Pogba to be able to do anything, in every match. He had to defend, attack, dispute the ball well, tackle the ball, dribble, pass the ball well. Pogba is a excellent player but he is under a lot of pressure “.

Cristiano Ronaldo Selling Former Manchester Mansion for £3.25M

Having left Manchester United almost one decade ago, it is not surprising that international football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is ready to say goodbye to his home in the affluent English village of Alderley Edge, only 15 miles far from his former playing ground at Old Trafford.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who is currently playing forward for Italian club Juventus, listed the three-story brick, five-bedroom house on Monday, Aug 26th for £3.25 million (about US$4.1 million), according to listing records.

Cristiano Ronaldo to Sell Former Manchester Mansion

The Portuguese football player is also set to take a £600,000 loss if it is sold for that asking price. The 33-year-old international star purchased the house for £3.895 million over one decade ago, according to a title document that was filed with the Land Registry in 2007.

The house’s images reveal Cristiano Ronaldo’s surprisingly Gothic taste in furnishings. The decor that is left in the house is almost black, including a black shag and cowhide rugs, sheer black curtains, and a plush charcoal-gray couch.

Otherwise, the house has fairly traditional finishes, including hardwood floors, light stone-tile, and tall windows.

There is also a slew of luxurious amenities such as a pool, a steam room, spacious white-and-black lacquer kitchen (the team colors of Juventus), a gym, and cinema room, according to images of the house, listing with local real estate agency Benson Bunch.

In total, there are three en-suite bedrooms, including a large master suite with two adjoining bathrooms along with a walk-in closet.

This is the second time the Portuguese football star has marketed his former home in England. According to an old listing for the home, the property of the footballer first hit the market in 2013 for £3.75 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who left Manchester United in 2009, could not be reached for comment.

Arsenal star revealed the reason for not joining AC Milan

Lucas Torreira’s representative said the Uruguayan midfielder really wanted to return to Italy for AC Milan during the transfer window this summer but was not allowed to leave.

Shining in the 2018 World Cup in Uruguay shirt, defensive midfielder Lucas Torreira immediately had a chance to advance his career when he joined Arsenal from Sampodria shortly thereafter in the same summer.

New rookie £ 26.5 million then underwent a certain impressive season and became the mainstay of the Emirates midfield scanner.

Torreira is considered a successful contract, so surely Arsenal want to keep him long at the Emirates. However, the 23-year-old star has made fans sometimes bewildered by admitting to liking the old life in Italy more than England, where he is still struggling because of the language and cultural barriers as well as the hard climate environment.

Hearing Torreira’s confession, AC Milan immediately planned to welcome him back to Serie A during this summer’s 2019 transfer window. However, after a period of negotiation, this potential deal was suddenly broken, although the Uruguayan midfielder’s foothold was not necessarily secured in the Emirates with the arrival of rookie Dani Ceballos.

Pablo Bentancur representative shared the reason for the failure: “We received the attention and specific suggestions of Milan, while Lucas himself considered the intention to return to Italy. He loves his old life more, but also understands that the right to decide is not entirely his. “

“Lucas’s future is still in Arsenal’s hands, and I think Milan need to go through his club. However, it seems that Milan did not persuade Arsenal success, although I do not know how much the offer has a specific value. Besides, Arsenal still needs Lucas in this new season plan and he is happy to stay at the club. ”

David Beckham’s biography – true football gentleman

Anyone who loved David Robert Joseph Beckham who saw him play must have known he was a successful player in his passionate career and financial career. He is a real gentleman on the pitch, every electronic football newspaper, every fashion magazine has his image. Not only male fans, but he also has a strong fan base.

George Best once revealed that David Beckham could not hit the ball with his left foot and did not know how to hit the head, especially he did not have the ball on the pitch, plus these factors, we can completely explain. Why do you score very few goals. But that doesn’t mean he’s not talented.

David Robert Joseph Beckham is a former English professional football player. In the early days of his competition he quickly became one of the most famous players in the world thanks to his success in the striker position at the big clubs.

During his time at Manchester United he won the treble and became one of the famous players before for Real Madrid, AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain and Major League LA Galaxy in the United States. David Beckham is also an indispensable part of the British national football’s “Golden Generation”.

David Robert Joseph Beckham was born on May 2, 1975 in the Leytonstone area of ​​London, England. His father worked as a chef and his mother worked as a hairdresser. Living in a family of 1 sister and 1 sister, Beckham’s childhood left many memorable things.

David Beckham attended Chase Lane Primary School, then attended Chingford County High School. However, during his childhood he did not care much about studying, what he cared about most was his passion for the ball. As a child, Beckham used to play for a local team called Ridgeway Rovers.

David Beckham has experienced at several clubs such as Norwich City and Leyton Orient before attending Tottenham Hotspur football club. He also played for Brimsdown Rovers and gained many achievements during that time. However, his life really changed when he was admitted to training at Manchester United in 1991.

Five Highest-Paid Football Players In The World (part 2)

3. Neymar

Neymar, whose full name is Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, is the third-highest-paid football player. He earns a total $90 million, including $73 million that he makes through salary and winnings along with $17 million that he makes from endorsements. The Brazilian forward signed a contract that has a five-year duration with Paris Saint-Germain in August 2017.

He also works with global sponsors such as Nike, Red Bull, and McDonald’s. Neymar was also the world’s first football player to have his own custom Air Jordan sneakers that were made by the Swoosh.

4. Gareth Bale

The Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale clocks in this list as the fourth-highest-paid football player, making $34.6 million, including $28.6 million that he makes through salary and winnings along with $6 million that he makes from endorsements. His transfer from Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid in 2013 was one of the ten most expensive transfers in the history of the football club.

Gareth Bale is originally from Wales. In May 2018, he scored 2 goals, consisting of an iconic bicycle kick which led his team to a third consecutive Champions League title. In 2016, Gareth Bale signed a contract extension with the club Real Madrid through June 2022. Gareth Bale also has a deal with Adidas through 2020.

5. Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba is the fifth-highest-paid football player in this list. He makes $29.5 million in total, consisting of the $25 million that he makes through salary and winnings along with the $4.5 million that he earns from endorsements.

Paul Pogba is originally from France. He plays midfield for the famous football club Manchester United. His five-year contract with the club pays an annual salary of at least $20 million. Paul Pogba has a deal with Adidas for ten years.

The peak of wisdom of football players

In stories about the journey to the top of football legends, most are based on a basic outline: being born in a poor family, going to school is mischievous, or the family has no conditions . That means, the time for a professional football player to go to school is very little.

Even the most prestigious European newspaper AS of Spain, five years ago, it was reported that, for every 120 professional players at the Spanish national campaign, only one took get a university degree. Soon after, a controversy took place, it was said, the fact that the professional players in Spain did not have much scientific knowledge, at least incomparably to the students who went through four year in university .

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Ken Bray

Not only the work of Ken Bray or Carlisle’s statement, the AS also has independent and affirmative research, professional football players, at the age of 20, have flashy thinking faster than 2.5 times. Excellent students do not play football. They also concluded after a lot of algorithms detailing that, in a dispute on the pitch, a professional player will think of adjusting a total of 15 body movements within 0.5 seconds.

In it, there is the action of handling the ball, handling situations, self-defense and even tricks in it. A more specific, more detailed study was conducted in 2014 with 100 reputable players, with the same cost up to millions of dollars.

From the past to the present, the world has acknowledged that the superlative brain belongs to the great scientist Albert Einstein, with IQ 160. But that can become a thing of the past, when world football reaches professional … super-tall.

The same AS, after studying, surveying and evaluating IQ, came to the conclusion that everyone was surprised, to the point that many people still doubt. That is the high IQ of the players Einstein, even higher. That’s the case of midfielder Gerard Pique with IQ up to 170. That means, Pique can think of Einstein’s relativity theory within … a note.