Liverpool and the most memorable Champions League season in history

The final match between Liverpool and Tottenham cannot change the truth when the 2018/19 Champions League is the most attractive in the history flow of this prestigious tournament.

After 10 years, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are no longer taking over the Champions League. Liverpool is a game changer with Juergen Klopp’s unrelenting boom. However, that is not the only imprint of the UEFA Champions League 2018/19.

Liverpool va mua giai Champions League dang nho nhat lich su hinh anh 4

It is impossible to talk about the Champions League in 2018/19 but ignore the incredible comeback. This is the season that deserves to go down in history with many memorable emotions. Choking scenarios take place continuously, directly pushing the world into a real roller coaster in the knockout round.

On March 6, 2019, no one imagined Ole Solskjaer’s Manchester United could turn against PSG after losing 0-2 at the eighth round in the table to determine Marcus’s 90 and 3 minute score. Rashford. What is the most dramatic thing here?

The answer is that Rashford has never scored 11m before in a professional career. So the number 10 of MU dare to perform and defeat goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon. Stress, daring, arguing and risking the match at the Parc des Princes became the undeniable highlight of the Champions League 2018/19.

Nearly a week after the wonderful night at the Parc des Princes, the whole European stage moved to Juventus’ Allianz Stadium, where Cristiano Ronaldo showed himself to be the king of Europe’s most prestigious arena with a hat-trick to help Juventus going upstream, thereby knocking Atletico Madrid 3-0 to continue after losing 0-2 in the first leg.

Liverpool va mua giai Champions League dang nho nhat lich su hinh anh 5

The semi-finals continue to be climbing climbers not for the faint of heart. Liverpool was destroyed at the Camp Nou after Leo Messi’s perfect night with a score of 3-0. Leave it at Anfield, where defender Andrew Robertson wrote on They Player’s Tribune that he “felt sorry for those who had to go there”, Liverpool crushed Barca 4-0 to advance to the final.

Spurs need 45 minutes of the second half of the second leg in the Netherlands to turn every effort and advantage of Ajax’s three goals into a cup. A hat-trick with Moura’s goal in the final minute of the second half brought Tottenham into the first Champions League final in history.

The fairy tale ends not behind with Ajax

True fate of fate with Ajax. After Greece, Leicester City, Iceland, thought Ajax had created a fairy tale. If the matches are only decided after 45 minutes, Ajax has done the same thing as Leicester City once shocked the world.

The young Ajax players collapsed on the Johan Cruyff Arena. Red eyes appeared on the stands. People do not believe in what is on the field. The army was led boy coach Erik ten Hag with score 3-0 in the match, but was removed with score 3-3 and officially stopped playing.

Ten Hag is dumbfounded outside the border. Frankie de Jong stared blankly at the celebrating Tottenham Hotspur players. Captain Matthijs de Ligt collapsed on the field. Ajax lost many matches, but this defeat was too bitter. No one swallowed this result.

Ajax played very well in the first 45 minutes. Their football is still devoted, vibrant and makes people love this team, even if it is a neutral fan. When Hakim Ziyech raised the score to 2-0 for homeowners, dreams came to Ajax. All thought of Madrid, where the final met Liverpool.

But the Champions League has no place for dreams, this is a game of faith. Spurs exploded to create a spectacular upstream. Ajax shot himself. Robert Alberts analyzed: “Ajax has forgotten about football as its brand. They are too reckless. This is what happened to Barca.”

When Dele Alli threatened the homeowner’s goal with a close-range finish at the beginning of the second half, the English team began to see opportunities flashed. Ajax crafts are not solid walls. They hit the gap of the midfield pair and the squad was constantly rising.

Lucas Moura’s goal was shortened to the nightmare for Ajax. The mentality of young players becomes shaky. Goalkeeper André Onana caught the ball with uncertain and assertive hands. The second goal came as usual. At this time, Ajax clearly revealed the nature of a young football team and lacked the bravery to solve the match.

Casillas may have to retire after a heart attack

Doctors warn Iker Casillas may never play top football again because of the severity of the incident.

In Mid-week, in Porto’s training session, the famous goalkeeper that’s Casillas veteran had to go to emergency at the hospital because of heart failure. After the surgeon and care, the legendary Spanish goalkeeper returned to a stable state and gradually recovered.

However, the time to Casillas back to the yard is still a big question mark, but Porto goalkeeper needs at least 3 months of rest. Even some doctors call for Casillas to be cautious and give advice that he should hang shoes to ensure safety for his life.

“We have to wait and see how Casillas regained his body and then study the strict medical tests he has to go through. If his heart returns to normal activities he can continue to play football, ”said Dr. Jose Gonzalez, one of the participants for Casillas.

Meanwhile, cardiologist Jose Calabuig is more optimistic: “If there is no sequelae, Casillas’s high heart will return to normal activities in about 3-6 months. If everything is fine, He can be returned to play ball “.

However, Dr. Calabuig also warned that if Casillas had to set up a pacemaker, this Spanish goalkeeper would not be able to continue playing.

Topping the list of players with the most handsome appearance in the world is Iker Casillas – a talented goalkeeper who has been pushed by Real Madrid to Porto after 25 years of devoting himself to “White Vulture”. “Saint Iker” was born on May 20, 1981.

Although Casillas is 39 years old, he still retains his youthful face and his eyes are elegant and friendly but still full of masculinity, so it is not difficult to understand when he was voted as the world’s most charming player.