De Rossi – the last gladiator of Rome (Part 1)

Ending his modest career in title in early 2020, but Daniele de Rossi is remembered for his integrity and loyalty to AS Roma.

For the majority of players, collective championships and individual awards are the most specific measure of career success. And De Rossi is one of the few exceptions.

At club level, he only had two Italian Cups and one Italian Super Cup in a professional career lasting 19 years (from 2001 to 2020). But when he announced hanging shoes at Boca Juniors on 6/1, not only fans of AS Roma regret and sent their gratitude to “the last gladiator of Rome”.

After playing well in the match against Ghana, De Rossi was started in the second match against the United States. But from the 28th minute, De Rossi received a straight red card after the elbow pointing in the face of Brian McBride.

It was a normal ball dispute and the swing of the midfielder with the number 4 shirt was completely unnecessary, causing the American colleague to stitch three stitches. Although after McBride said he forgave De Rossi after the Italian player actively went to the US dressing room to apologize, FIFA decided to severely punish De Rossi with a four-match ban.

The above punishment means that the only way De Rossi can continue to play in the 2006 World Cup is Italy reached the final. And despite the Calciopoli scandal that preceded the tournament that caused Italy to be skeptical, the team still moved deep into the final match, giving De Rossi a second chance.

He was brought on as a substitute for Francesco Totti in the 61st minute and was the successor of the third penalty shootout, helping Italy win against France.

At the age of 22, De Rossi is the youngest member of the 23 Italian players to win the 2006 World Cup. The best qualities and weaknesses of De Rossi are revealed in the fourth Italian tournament to the top of the world. He is a defensive midfielder with seemingly endless energy, possessing excellent readability, as a combination of Pirlo and Gattuso.

De Rossi also showed his mental stability under the pressure of being one of the five people selected to make a penalty shootout with France. But the rough ball against McBride also showed that De Rossi’s sometimes exaggerated enthusiasm made him receive unnecessary tickets.