De Rossi – the last gladiator of Rome (Part 4)

It was not until the 2017-18 season when Totti was officially backstage, De Rossi became the official captain of AS Roma. De Rossi’s loyalty and patience are not the only reasons why people respect him.

In the play-off to win tickets to the 2018 World Cup with Sweden at home, Italy needed at least one goal to equalize the total score. But as the time of the second half passed, the team was still stuck in the way to the opponent’s net.

Although pressing, De Rossi finally took off his coat to boot. He was not brought in the yard later and had to see Italy first absent from the World Cup in 60 years. Immediately after the match, he announced his retirement from the national team shirt and did not forget to apologize to the spectators who had to witness his pressing action. But in the eyes of the public opinion, Ventura is the one to blame and De Rossi merely says what every tifosi sees.

De Rossi is willing to express his opinion, even if it is not in his favor

For De Rossi, collective interests are always the top priority. And in a collective, everyone is remembered, though the importance is different. This was shown when Italy’s 2006 World Cup curator Pietro Lombardi died in 2016. During his lifetime, he was nicknamed “Spazzolino” (The brush) by his players for his ability.

Upon learning of Lombardi’s passing at age 92, De Rossi left Rome for Florence to attend his funeral. After saying goodbye to him for the last time, De Rossi put the 2006 World Cup medal back in the coffin. The World Cup trophy is a dream for many players, but De Rossi is willing to give it to the deceased as a tribute.

Good football, dedication to the team and possessing a respectable personality – Daniele De Rossi is truly a rare one of the football world. Roma may have talented players in the future, but not everyone can be loyal and put the interests and solidarity of the team above all else like De Rossi.