Lewandowski flew high with arrogance

When football returned, the Polish striker burst into action to continue to become the notorious Bundesliga goalscorer. Football of these days is very different. The lively sound of the stands filled with spectators in Germany disappeared.

Only then was the performance of 22 players on the pitch trying to hear it clearly. Welcome to football in the Covid-19 era. Many things change in the Bundesliga matches, Lewandowski’s danger is constant. The Polish striker marked his 27th goal this season with a goal against Eintracht Frankfurt. On all fronts, Lewandowski has scored 41 goals.

Lewandowski bay cao bang su kieu ngao va ich ky hinh anh 2 Lewy1.jpg

Lewandowski is showing an impenetrable position at the Allianz Arena. Even at 31 years of age, this spearhead makes the rest of Germany admire. Number 9 cannot be prevented. The more sublime, the Polish striker suffered a great injustice, when he was forever someone who was never loved.

At Bayern, Lewandowski is not bored by anyone, even though it is Mats Hummels. They used to argue violently on the training ground. Going into the match, Lewandowski bluntly expressed dissatisfaction with Franck Ribery if he did not receive the correct pass. He was also selfish when he won the free kick of David Alaba.

In Germany, not everyone loves Lewandowski. Borussia Dortmund fans call the striker the name “traitor”. Neutral fans saw the number 9 Poles as just “mercenaries”. Six years ago, the Polish striker left Dortmund to go to Bayern. It was a decision for money. Lewandowski should have chosen Real or Chelsea.

Lewandowski bay cao bang su kieu ngao va ich ky hinh anh 3 Lewy3.jpg

To describe Lewandowski’s attitude, one can use many negative words. Number 9 is a hot-tempered person, body language always expresses frustration, or complains and sometimes acts like a fool. The ego of former striker Borussia Dortmund is simply too big and sometimes makes everyone uncomfortable.

Pride has overwhelmed Lewandowski’s talent. At the end of the day, the 31-year-old striker still ignored all negative reviews to rise to become the world’s leading striker. This helps number 9 differentiate the rest. He is ready to face pressure and challenges to assert himself.