Loving football, how is enough

In your opinion, should a man love football more than anything else in the world? In my opinion, the answer is obvious and clear.

I’m not talking about grown-ups who love football, because they, despite their love for football, are mature enough to understand that they need to share their time with other things as well.

Simply because they know that in life there are many, many other things to be concerned instead of just focusing on a sport, a player or a football club in the headline. I also do not want to talk about people who are earning a living by football, because they are lucky to be able to make a living with their passion.

Love equals Football

Such as work, wife and children, for people? Love or simply for parents? For example, if two people have an important test together the next morning, but that night there is an exciting match, one goes to sleep to wake up to take the test tomorrow, one stays up at night.

You may think the second one is a football fan, but I am not. I will not accept a human being exchanging his responsibility for 90 minutes of personal pleasure, because it is a sign of immature, immature thinking.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bóng đá

So for someone who only knows football, when will they grow up? But all that I just said, it’s not really important, because most of us, sooner or later, will be swept away by the worries of life. Then, when we grow up, on our trips, in our free time, we will think about football again, not as a dish, not as a beautiful dream.

And it’s much easier if we think of simpler things, things that we know quite well in life, to illustrate and do lessons about life. For example, football. I love football, although it is not good but I love playing with the ball, and I also love the feeling of watching my favorite team play. By the way, my favorite team is Vietnam team, and Manchester United team, if you have any interests, you can set up a fan club for fun.