MU serious crisis: Solskjaer has 5 matches to save the chair

The crisis of MU can continue when 4 of the next 5 matches, they have to play away, the only home match to welcome Liverpool.

MU is playing bland football. Solskjaer’s football philosophy is not wrong, but what makes the “Red Devils” flutter lies in poor quality personnel and lack of class stars. Since their 4-0 win over Chelsea (August 11), they have not scored more than one goal. While the defense despite Maguire is still not safe enough.

Coach Solskjaer is still tough in the middle of a storm of criticism is increasing. He confirmed that he did not regret to let strikers Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez leave. Mourinho last year before being fired also said the same tone but in the end he was boss “MU beheaded”. According to the British press, Solsa could go into the footsteps of Mourinho if this October result does not improve.

This weekend, MU only had to meet the penultimate team Newcastle. This is an opportunity for Solskjaer to seek victory over pressure relief. However, away football is the fear of MU when they have not won any match since the beginning of the season. Newcastle actually have a poor performance, but they have a play of heat and physical strength.

Small teams like Astana or Alkmaar in the Europa League also make it difficult for the team, there is no reason Newcastle can not. But even with the difficulties in the yard of “Shots,” Solskjaer’s chair is still not shaken. Right in the next round, MU had to meet the “solitary defeat” of Liverpool. A heavy defeat can touch the pride of MU fans because of the rivalry between the two clubs.

3 matches later, MU were away. Up to now, they have experienced 10 matches in all arenas, drawn 4, lost 6. This statistic really makes MU fans worried. Solskjaer himself if there is no special reform in the game, the ability “Red Devils” to receive bad results still occur, and his chair could be overthrown in October or early November.