Nishino coach quietly left the field after a 7-0 win over Brunei U22

The 7-0 victory over rivals Brunei could not make Thailand U22 and coach Akira Nishino less worried when the road ahead at the 30th SEA Games is still difficult.

On the evening of November 28, Thailand’s coach Ura Akira Nishino took the first victory at SEA Games 30 with a score of 7-0 against weak opponent U22 Brunei. However, that victory could not dispel anxiety as Thailand lost to its direct opponent U22 Indonesia. Leaving the field after the match, Mr. Nishino bowed silently, not showing any joy.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho HLV Nishino

Mr. Nishino is not happy as well. Over the first 40 minutes, defending champion U22 Thailand could not penetrate the net of one of the weakest teams in the tournament. The fighting spirit of Brunei U22 really makes Thai people face many difficulties.

After the 43 minutes, Thailand U22 opened the scoring thanks to Supachai Jaided. It was not an easy match for them. The opening goal helped the mentality of Thai team much more comfortable. They scored 6 more goals in the rest of the match.

The victory came as an energy boost, helping Thai players to be more confident after a series of bad matches both at the national team and U22 levels. Hope Supachok Sarachat got his first table at the SEA Games this time.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho HLV Nishino

Suphanat Mueanta prodigy also played well, scored 1 goal, showing worthy of the title of the best young player in Southeast Asia. On the other side of the line, the Brunei-borne Faiq Bolkiah (No. 9) has a few failed attempts to go the ball. The fans on the pitch laughed as he tried to get the ball past his opponent but failed.

Despite the jubilant victory, coach Nishino and the coach of Thailand U22 team are quite slow. They are not happy, which is understandable when Thai people are at a disadvantage in Group G.

Mr. Nishino is also suffering a lot of criticism even though he has only been leading Thai football for a few months. After half a half of missing a chance, the students of coach Akira Nishino soon regained the match and crushed Brunei U22 with a 7-0 victory at Rizal Memorial Stadium on the afternoon of November 28.