Ronaldinho and halo in prison

For many people, sitting behind bars can be a nightmare. With Ronaldinho, he seems to continue to find happy days in prison, where people honor and treat him as an idol.

On March 14, Ronaldinho scored 5 goals and had 6 assists in an 11-2 victory in the final. He helped his team win the futsal between prisoners. The reward for Ronaldinho and his teammates is a trophy, a souvenir flag and a 16 kg pig.

The photos and videos recorded after that show the former Barca star quite happy after the victory. He smiled as he lifted the trophy, ready to take souvenir photos with many people. All attention was on him. Ronaldinho doesn’t look like he’s in jail. He seemed to be attending an event.

Ronaldinho va anh hao quang trong tu hinh anh 2 rovau2.jpg

Paraguayan media initially revealed that Ronaldinho did not want to play in prison. He had no interest in being detained. Ronaldinho and his brother were detained by Paraguay authorities on charges of using a fake passport to enter the country. Attempts by appeal from former Brazilian star later failed. And he was forced to spend some time in jail.

However, after a difficult initial period, Ronaldinho has recently become more cheerful and regularly participates in soccer matches among inmates. At the prison of Agrupacion Especializada, he was considered a true king.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Ronaldinho

Fernando Lugo, another famous Paraguayan politician, is also a frequent visitor to Ronaldinho. He did not understand why Ronaldinho was detained by the authorities. Lugo is only a little less harsh, knowing that Agrupacion Especializada prison provides decent living conditions for the former AC Milan star. “It’s not a prison.” Cuevas said.

Agrupacion Especializada is a famous prison in the capital Asuncion. It used to detain many sarcastic criminals of Paraguay. Prominent among them is the Brazilian drug lord Marcelo Pinheiro Veiga