Ronaldo isolates himself after a Juventus defender infected with nCoV

Cristiano Ronaldo will continue in Portugal, not Italy, after teammate Daniele Rugani has been identified positive for nCoV.

Ronaldo played 90 minutes in the match against Inter in Serie A on 8/3. The next day, he took a three-day leave to visit his mother in his hometown of Madeira.

The striker born in 1985 was allowed to return to Italy on 12 March with a private jet, although Spain banned flights to or from Italy. But, Ronaldo had to postpone the plan after teammate Daniele Rugani tested positive for nCoV on March 11.

Juventus will take on Lyon in the second leg of the round of 1/8 Champions League on March 17, after losing 0-1 away. Most likely Ronaldo could not attend the match because the isolation period lasted 14 days and he must at least stay in Madeira until March 22. However, the match Juventus – Lyon is also difficult to take place, due to the medical measures required to apply after Rugani became infected.1

Juventus defender infected with nCoV

Juventus confirmed midfielder Daniele Rugani positive for nCoV on 11/3.

Immediately after the announcement of Juventus, Inter reported that they would stop all team activities. Inter made a guest on the Juventus stadium on March 9, and lost 0-2. Rugani does not play this match, but prepares and contacts the Inter player. Players in close contact with Rugani must be isolated.

Rugani became the first player from the European championships, confirmed to be infected with nCoV. On March 10, the president of Olympiacos and Nottingham Forest – Evangelos Marinakis – said he was ill. A day later, the Greek team Olympiacos announced that all of their players were negative for nCoV.

Serie A is also the first national championship in Europe postponed because of Covid-19. On March 10, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) announced to postpone all sports activities in Italy until April 3. Currently, the return leg of the 1/8 Champions League round between Juventus and Lyon, taking place in the middle of next week, has not been delayed.

Italy is the second most nCoV-infected country, behind only China. By the end of yesterday 11/3, Italy recorded more than 12,400 cases, including more than 2,300 new cases. Italy also had 827 deaths, the second highest in the world. Their number of recovery cases is over 1,000.