Strength from the stands

“We have won the match since we went on the path to the stadium. The welcome was unbelievable. I’ve been here for eight years and I’ve never seen a scene like that. We have won the match since then, there is no doubt. ” – Diego Simeone said that.

There we see the pride of Simeone, and a little frustrated, wanting to compete with Klopp. There they did not talk about tactics or matches. There they talk about the fans.
The scene that Simeone mentioned is that there are thousands of Atletico Madrid fans who welcome the team to the field by burning red firecrackers in the sky outside the Wanda Metropolitano. In the middle of a dark red area, the bus of the home team slowly passed and the two sides of the road roared loudly. The atmosphere is no different to the battle.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Atletico 1-0 Liverpool

Staying at the Wanda Metropolitano is a festival. During the 90 minutes, there were songs, dances and boos of the home fans. Not a minute for silence.
And the center of the festival night is Simeone coach with dance moves. The waves waving to the air in the yard always maintained at the hottest. His intense emotions exuded forcefully, and burned emotions in the stands. The fans must have been beating his heart.
A few meters away, Jurgen Klopp was thoughtless and quiet, rarely seen in him.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Atletico 1-0 Liverpool

In the yard, Liverpool met countless difficulties. The Red Brigade had one of the worst offensive deployments under the German teacher. They have a lot of possession, but there is almost no danger to challenge Oblak. Of course, Atletico Madrid were excellent at deploying defense, but looking at the way Liverpool players handled the ball, they could see themselves having problems too.
Alexander-Arnold missed a lot, Mane got a little red card again. The terrible pressure from the stands seemed to have put the visitors away. And that was probably in Simeone’s calculations, when he decided to launch preemptive strikes at the beginning of the second half.

Then, the opportunity came when Liverpool frantically in a corner kick at the beginning of the match. It is a rare thing for a very strong team to organize fixed situations like this.