La Liga chairman called on UEFA to punish Man City and PSG

Javier Tebas criticized the two clubs for using “financial doping” and considered it a threat of world football.        

“Clubs run by the state, they are an unprecedented threat to football. They operate completely off-limits and increase the risk of market inflation to the point of harm through their financial doping. “, Tebas said on the program Totally Football Show.

At the end of May, Tebas claimed that Man City and PSG are destroying football. He called the two clubs “state clubs”, strongly backed by Middle Eastern bosses. Tebas said Man City and PSG spent money uncontrollably, causing damage to other clubs in Europe. This comment by Tebas was rejected by PSG and Man City leaders.

“European football authorities need to show a stronger commitment to healthy football. They need to come up with measures to limit spending with state clubs like City or PSG, to they can’t throw money at the bluff, they need to give tougher penalties to the Financial Justice Law, which I think lacks deterrence to this point, “Tebas said.

Man City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak mentioned that Real and Barca also made the world’s most expensive contracts, with Luis Figo or Zinedine Zidane, to emphasize that La Liga also has no financial limitations. with the club. However, this view was rejected by Tebas.

In Europe, there are always big teams and they can cause distortions. If the spending is not controlled, in the case of Spain, we have tried to reduce debt to the lowest level in history in the past few years, we do not want our big clubs to have a lot of money. more money if other teams don’t have money “.

Four teams in the Champions League semi-finals can receive tickets next season

UEFA president, Ceferin, gave some reform ideas, to help European Cup more attractive.

One of the biggest ideas, according to the Times, is to allow four Champions League semi-finals to qualify for next season’s tournament. This is a breakthrough compared to the current regulation, which only allows teams to include the Champions League champions, Europa League champions and the top teams of European national championships.

Argentina: Right after Copa America is the 2022 World Cup (part 1)

The Argentinians are probably wondering why their team played the best football in the Copa America 2019 in the first 30 minutes before Chile but not before Brazil. Because of that, more or less, they still have hope for Albiceleste in the future.

In fact, in the most difficult and frustrating times, no one does not hope for a better thing. For Argentina, they have a reason to be optimistic about the future despite continuing to spend another year, another tournament without a title. In fact, the defeat to Brazil in the semifinals earlier this week extended their miserable time to 26 years.

“There are good and important players growing up, showing that they really love the team and want to be here”- Lionel Messi said after he just turned 32 in the 2019 Copa America. hope because we have many young players. They need time to accumulate. We must respect them”.

Argentina at Copa America 2019: A messy Messi was born

Despite this, though, the Argentine is more interested in Messi’s future after the tournament and in this case, they have more reason to hope. It was as if the Argentinian striker had reached the end of the pain, making him more calm and calm to talk about the future, with a completely different attitude first.

As mentioned above, Messi’s reaction is not the same as his after Argentina’s defeat in the 2016 Copa America final, when he said he did everything he could for Albiceleste, or the 2018 World Cup when he decided. intend to leave the team for a while. And don’t forget that Barcelona’s striker also lost in the 2015 Copa America final and World Cup 2014.

So, is there any reason for Argentina and Messi to hope for the future, when the squad is defeated by Germany 1-0 in the 2014 World Cup finals, only Messi, Sergio Aguero, and Angel Di Maria?

What helps a country become a football superpower

Why is Uruguay a country with a population of only 3.4 million people who can win 2 World Cups, while the US and China are richer and more populous?

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, not far from Uruguay’s national football stadium, 14 7-year-old players entered a rugged football field. Fans are parents and coaches who take care of both clothes and food. It is one of hundreds of games played every weekend by Baby Football – a national program for children aged 4 – 13 years old. Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani, two of the best strikers in the world, have been produced from this program.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho football

The duo Suárez and Cavani are the spearheads of Uruguay in the 2018 World Cup. The stakes of “La Celeste” ranked ninth in the list of teams that could win the cup. Before that, they won the championship twice in 1930 and 1950.

Only Brazil, Germany and Italy have won more World Cup titles than La Celeste, although Uruguay’s population is only 3.4 million, lower than Germany’s capital Berlin. Although it no longer maintains its leading position, Uruguay still performs better than this country’s resources. Suárez and Cavani reached the World Cup semi-finals in 2010 and won the 15th South American championship in 2011.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

The Economist team built a statistical model to determine what makes a country good at football. According to the team, the goal of this model is not to predict the winner in Russia. Instead, they want to identify basic sports and economic factors to determine a country’s football potential and find out why some countries outweigh expectations or improve quickly.

The Economist team took the results of all international matches since 1990 and considered which variables correlated with the difference in the number of goals scored by the teams.

Next, the team added home advantage, which is worth about 0.6 goals per game and the opponent’s strength. Finally, in order to reduce biases from football-uninteresting nations such as the Cayman Islands and Bhutan, the group cut the sample to 126 countries that have played at least 150 matches since 1990.

Brazil captain announced his leaving Paris Saint-Germain

Dani Alves will officially leave the Capital City after two years of glorious competition at the Parc des Princes. The defender striker Dani Alves has officially announced his departure from the rich French team after two seasons here.

Speaking through the personal Instagram page, the 36-year-old said: “Today, I finish another successful chapter in my career. I am very proud to have contributed to a glorious stage in the club’s history. Thank you all, from all The staff to each teammate has made me special things for PSG in the past two years. “

However, PSG continues to dominate France. Alves will leave Paris with 8 goals after 73 matches, contributing to two Ligue 1 championships, a League Cup, a National Cup and a French Super Cup. There, he became a defender to win several second titles in European football history, behind only AC Milan’s former captain Paolo Maldini.

With teammates at both clubs and national teams, Neymar could not attend the tournament because of injury, Dani Alves is currently captain of Brazil in the 2019 Copa America campaign at home. He scored in the 5-star “Samba dancers” victory against Peru on June 23, thereby bringing the home team to the quarterfinals.

The captain of the Brazil team and his teammates are facing the opportunity to win the first Copa America since 2007 on their home turf.

Marca revealed, Alves wanted to return to Barcelona, ​​where he won 6 La Liga championships with 3 European C1 trophies. However, the Nou Camp team showed no interest in acquiring their former gods.

Paris Saint-Germain (also known as PSG) is a professional football club in Paris, the capital of France. Formerly known as the Stade Saint-Germain multi-sport club, Paris Saint-Germain was officially founded in 1970 and almost constantly competed in the French National Football Championship.

Fernando Torres declared retirement his football sport

After 18 years of playing professional football and reaping many honors, striker Fernando Torres announced the end of his career. On his personal page, Torres posted a video summarizing the beautiful moments of his career and quoted: “Hi everyone. I made this video because there is a very important thing to announce. After 18 exciting years, this is the time for me to end my football career. ”

“10pm on June 23, I will have a press conference in Tokyo to explain in detail and answer your questions. See you there, ”Torres added.

At age 35, Torres no longer shows a dangerous striker like before. He is playing football for Sagan Tosu club in Japan. J.League 2019 season went through 14 rounds and a muscle injury made Torres only 10 appearances, 4 from the bench. You cannot score goals this season.

Earlier, the years of Torres’ splendor associated with Liverpool club. At Anfield, Torres teamed up with Steven Gerrard to become a scary duo with every club in England. During his time at Liverpool, Torres played 102 times and scored 65 goals.

Fernando Torres tuyen bo giai nghe hinh anh 1

However, Liverpool did not bring Torres many noble titles. Only when going to Chelsea, the striker tasted the title of European champion with a Champions League championship and once won the Europa League.

Torres’ imprint on Chelsea is quite fuzzy. He scored 45 goals in more than 170 appearances. The most memorable goal was the goal against Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final in 2012 to help Chelsea advance to the final of the tournament.

After that, Torres ventured to a series of other teams such as AC Milan or Atletico Madrid and now Sagan Tosu, but never regained his peak. In the Spanish team, he won three major titles including a World Cup championship and two Euro championships. At Euro 2008, Torres was the only scorer in the final to help Spain win, thereby opening the era of great success of bullfighting football.

Casillas may have to retire after a heart attack

Doctors warn Iker Casillas may never play top football again because of the severity of the incident.

In Mid-week, in Porto’s training session, the famous goalkeeper that’s Casillas veteran had to go to emergency at the hospital because of heart failure. After the surgeon and care, the legendary Spanish goalkeeper returned to a stable state and gradually recovered.

However, the time to Casillas back to the yard is still a big question mark, but Porto goalkeeper needs at least 3 months of rest. Even some doctors call for Casillas to be cautious and give advice that he should hang shoes to ensure safety for his life.

“We have to wait and see how Casillas regained his body and then study the strict medical tests he has to go through. If his heart returns to normal activities he can continue to play football, ”said Dr. Jose Gonzalez, one of the participants for Casillas.

Meanwhile, cardiologist Jose Calabuig is more optimistic: “If there is no sequelae, Casillas’s high heart will return to normal activities in about 3-6 months. If everything is fine, He can be returned to play ball “.

However, Dr. Calabuig also warned that if Casillas had to set up a pacemaker, this Spanish goalkeeper would not be able to continue playing.

Topping the list of players with the most handsome appearance in the world is Iker Casillas – a talented goalkeeper who has been pushed by Real Madrid to Porto after 25 years of devoting himself to “White Vulture”. “Saint Iker” was born on May 20, 1981.

Although Casillas is 39 years old, he still retains his youthful face and his eyes are elegant and friendly but still full of masculinity, so it is not difficult to understand when he was voted as the world’s most charming player.