Casillas may have to retire after a heart attack

Doctors warn Iker Casillas may never play top football again because of the severity of the incident.

In Mid-week, in Porto’s training session, the famous goalkeeper that’s Casillas veteran had to go to emergency at the hospital because of heart failure. After the surgeon and care, the legendary Spanish goalkeeper returned to a stable state and gradually recovered.

However, the time to Casillas back to the yard is still a big question mark, but Porto goalkeeper needs at least 3 months of rest. Even some doctors call for Casillas to be cautious and give advice that he should hang shoes to ensure safety for his life.

“We have to wait and see how Casillas regained his body and then study the strict medical tests he has to go through. If his heart returns to normal activities he can continue to play football, ”said Dr. Jose Gonzalez, one of the participants for Casillas.

Meanwhile, cardiologist Jose Calabuig is more optimistic: “If there is no sequelae, Casillas’s high heart will return to normal activities in about 3-6 months. If everything is fine, He can be returned to play ball “.

However, Dr. Calabuig also warned that if Casillas had to set up a pacemaker, this Spanish goalkeeper would not be able to continue playing.

Topping the list of players with the most handsome appearance in the world is Iker Casillas – a talented goalkeeper who has been pushed by Real Madrid to Porto after 25 years of devoting himself to “White Vulture”. “Saint Iker” was born on May 20, 1981.

Although Casillas is 39 years old, he still retains his youthful face and his eyes are elegant and friendly but still full of masculinity, so it is not difficult to understand when he was voted as the world’s most charming player.