The best football TV shows you should watch during coronavirus lockdown (part 1)

Since the novel coronavirus forces people to stay inside, televisions are getting more and more attention than usual everywhere.  With football suspended almost everywhere around the world, fans of the King sport can still get their fix thanks to a number of football TV shows.

From Amazon to Netflix, football is an ideal ingredient for TV shows with a variety of shows on offer these days.

This Is Football (Available on Amazon Prime)

This Is Football is one of the best football shows of all time.  It shows an informative and emotional documentary series that shed light on some unique aspects of the sport.

From an episode on how the sport helped save Rwanda, to another on the fairytale run of Iceland to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, This Is Football will give football fans chills and remind them why they love the sport so much.

Maradona in Mexico (Available on Netflix)

Maradona in Mexico was always going to be an entertaining combination with Maradona’s time in charge of Dorados making for truly gripping viewing.

The crazy antics of the manager on the touchlines or the ability of the team to punch above their weight, all these things make it a hard show to stop watching.

Although the Argentina football legend is synonymous with a lot of myth and mystery these days, Maradona in Mexico gives us the chance to really know the man behind the present trademark snapback.

All or Nothing: Manchester City (Available on Amazon Prime)

Enjoyed most by Manchester City fans, All or Nothing: Manchester City offers some amazing access to the club during the 2017-2018 season.

Providing a unique insight into manager Pep Guardiola and narrated by Sir Ben Kingsley, this documentary serries is worth watching – even if you are a Manchester United or Liverpool fan.