When has Lionel Messi’s greatness stopped

Lionel Messi may be GOAT, short for “Greastest Of All Time”. But what level is his “greatness” right now?

is his “greatness” right now?

Messi’s extraordinary is almost undisputed. He is a genius, an artist who always does weekly miracles. But believe it or not, some aspects of the offensive football that you performed showed signs of decline.

Messi is probably the best scorer the world football history has ever witnessed. It is because the goal does not take place easily and is very valuable.

Scoring is also the most important thing a footballer can do. That’s enough. The Argentine superstar is the best at creating goals for his teammates. The best pass of the ball. He dribbles most effectively. And he also has the best shot.

Su vi dai cua Lionel Messi lieu da co diem dung hinh anh 2

Since 2014, Messi has scored the most goals, the most assists, the most slots and the second most dribbles in the top 5 European leagues.

But things don’t stop at numbers. In 2018, a team of researchers in Belgium and the Netherlands published an article that put the value of every ball action in a match.

Unsurprisingly, that research explains that most restrictive offensive players create action with the ball. But the actions with that ball are of high value. While midfielders do the opposite: a lot of action with the ball has low value.

Messi is always the exception. That means he always gets high marks for quality and number of actions with the ball at the same time. Even he walks on the field is more effective than any other player.

Obviously Messi is not a great defender and all know it. Since 2010, he has never made more than 23 tackles or 22 interceptions in a La Liga season. He also rarely regained control of the ball.

But part of that could be attributed to Barca’s overwhelming possession in most of the games he appears in. In addition, Barca is among the most effective pressing teams of the past decade.

Pressing is ineffective if the player on the field is not involved. Therefore, it can be said that Messi has been a part of effective and active defensive systems in the past.

Any coach who uses Messi as an assassin, they talk about what he can do. Creating chances to score and pass the ball: is there anything in these points that can be considered Messi’s death?