Wimbledon story: Cori Gauff and the story of sports idols

It was not a polite statement. Cori had been waiting for the opportunity to compete with idols for a long time, and Venus was the one who helped her to cook the determination to follow her career.

After a historic victory against Venus Williams in the first round of Wimbledon, 15-year-old Cori Gauff said that the first person she wanted to thank was… Venus Williams, her childhood idol.

Venus is now of course on the other side of the slope, but what she and her sister Serena can do in her career is obviously significant in inspiring colored players who still have There was a thought that he was weak in this sport, until the Williams sisters appeared and dominated it.

In the Guardian article, Afua Hirsch, a female journalist, reminisced about the story more than two decades ago, when the Williams sisters rented a house near her family when she attended Wimbledon 2000. That year, Venus won this prestigious Grand Slam for the first time, and Afua Hirsch’s mother – a Ghanaian woman – baked a huge sweet cake to give to the Williams sisters, and insisted that, as a is the mother of two colored daughters, she understands how they feel.

Hirsch’s mother saw the Williams sisters as an icon for girls, and she was right. Venus and Serena have brought great impacts on consciousness with Hirsch and her sister. Their talents, and especially their will in an environment where people still view them with unfair eyes, have greatly motivated other black players. The way the Williams sisters kept their African identity, such as wearing white beaded braids, raised fists like Tommie Smith and John Carlos, when they received gold and bronze medals at the 1968 Olympics to protest the division. Race, really inspire many other colored people

Therefore, Hirsch is not surprised when Cori Gauff appreciates Venus. The 15-year-old was the youngest player to qualify, and each of the girls won the Roland Garros title at the age of 14. “I couldn’t be here, without her,” Gauff said. Everyone needs a model for themselves, like the Psycho-Cybernetics that once wrote, “You need to see something if you want to be it.” If you have a specific pattern at the critical stage of consciousness development, it will give you a positive image, helping you be more confident in following the path you have chosen.