You already know why Wenger refused Real Madrid

Arsene Wenger, a legendary strategist, admitted that he gave up his chance to lead Real Madrid in the past because he was afraid he would be unhappy in La Liga. Instead, Wenger decided to stick with Arsenal, bringing the Gunners to three Premier League titles and seven FA Cup lifting.

Wenger was also well-known by a number of other clubs during his time at the Emirates, though, Wenger still chose to be loyal, before ending the great 22-year term in 2018. Speaking on BeIN Sports, he said share:

“Perhaps I sacrificed a bit of potential glory in exchange for loyalty. My desire is to build my club and influence on the team. I feel that I have been in a The club meets my needs, the way I want to work.”

Wenger refused Real Madrid - Bóng Đá

“Why do I have to change this, even though it may be a little more splendid, but my happiness and influence on the club is less? So I decided to continue trying to spread experience.

Last season, when coach Julen Lopetegui was sacked, the Bernabeu Stadium was once again supposed to come to Wenger. But in the end, this “predestined relationship” still did not happen.

Chelsea are in a crisis of form under Maurizio Sarri, who has suffered humiliating defeats in the English league. The media said the club’s board had a meeting to plan to find Sarri’s replacement when they needed.

HLV Wenger sẽ chọn Chelsea để 'tái xuất giang hồ'?

Commenting on talkSports, former goalkeeper David Seaman unexpectedly recommended his former teacher Arsene Wenger to Chelsea. Wenger is an inspiring coach with enough enthusiasm to revive the team in any situation.”

David Seaman himself knew this and he advised his former teacher. “He always said he would not return to the Premier League because of his love for Arsenal and he did not want to play against his old club. But time is an effective remedy for all injuries.”